Silvia (ninotsjkawrites) wrote,

Title: Blue haired beauty?
Wordcount: 550
Pairing: Filch/Umbridge
Rating: R to NC-17
A/N: inspired by Krid (noelani_ella

Blue haired beauty?

Argus Filch walked into the Headmistress's office. "You asked to see me, headmistress?" he said.

His eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open as he looked at her. He had never told a soul how much he loved that woman. But there she stood, just like she had stepped out of his dreams. Blue hair, a black leather mini dress and she had kitty ears.

He wanted to make her purr like a cat. He felt his excitement grow at the vision of her cellulite thighs.

He noticed the whip. He loved whips. We'll not so much being whipped himself, more like him doing the whipping.

"Yes, I called you here. Make love to me, Argus." She said sweetly. "And make sure that no one is watching."

Filch was set on pleasing her. So he double checked the whole room And found no one. Then he went back to her and he groped at her breasts. He felt like a young boy again, a young boy in a candy shop. Only he didn't remember them getting whipped for it.

"No, not like that. We've got all the time in the world."

He kissed her on her lips, his one hand playing with her blue hair, his other fumbling to open the dress. His first hand moved to help the second. Why did his joints have to act up now. Now of all times. Now that he finally was to make love to the love of his life?

When he managed to get her out of the dress, he took a step backwards to admire her in her full glory. She was beuatiful, she was everything he ever wanted in a woman.

She helped him out of his clothes and moved him to the bed. "Ferula!" she said and he was tied with hands and feet to the bed.

"What? Don't you like my dominatrix act? " She said when she noticed his shocked face. She knew that is was a stupid question, asshe ran a finger over his hardened length.

A shiver went through Filch's spine as she touched him there. She moved over him and settled down lowering herself over him.

He was afraid that he would come too soon, he had wanted this so long and now he was delivered to her mercy.

He didn't however, thanks to the charm she had casted. It was no fun if he came too soon and she hadn't had her share yet. She wanted him to come only after she did.

Even though she was the only one that was moving he was panting too; his breath growing increasingly heavier and more shaky.

When he came he screamed her name in ecstasy. He loved her and now he knew he always would. He loved her even without the kitty ears, but the ears had made her even more irresistable to him.

In a corner Fred and George had watched it all. They had given her the blue hair, the black leather mini dress and the kitty ears. It had been horrible to watch, but it was all worth it. They had borrowed Colin's camera and taken pictures of the two, They would sell them to the highest bidder: pictures of Argus Filch and Dolores Umbridge making love.

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