Silvia (ninotsjkawrites) wrote,


Who: Justin and Padma
Where: Justin's bed
When: Immeadiately after the other one
Rating: NC-17, B for Justin's a Bastard.
A/N: Labelled by some as Bad!Smut.

Justin was sitting on his bed, not paying attention to anything. He didn’t notice Padma enter, nor did he acknowledge her presence when she wrapped her arms around him.

Padma didn't expect him to notice that she was there. Together they had hurt Hannah, and he got hurt back just as badly. Padma knew she was all he had now. She would stick by him. "Justin, are you alright?" Padma asked slowly. She didn't think he would be, but that was why she was here. She was his friend, and now perhaps his only friend.

“What do you think?” he asked, his voice monotone and devoid of any emotion.

"I think you feel kind of empty, but it isn't your fault Justin." Padma said.

“Great deduction, Sherlock,” he replied sarcastically.

"Sherlock who?" Padma replied. "It isn't your fault. She said she didn't care." She paused for a second. "You couldn't have known that she lied about that."

Justin didn’t reply. Instead, he continued to stare at a spot on the wall.

"Hannah is probably never going to trust me again. I wasn't allowed to tell you about her panic attacks." Padma stared in front of her.

“Well, apparently she didn’t have the desire to tell me about them. Unless, of course, you count the time when she snapped at me back there,” he stated as unemotionally attached as he felt.

"She didn't want to make you feel guilty, I think," Padma spoke softly.

“Heh,” was Justin’s only reply.

Padma didn't know what to do really about the situation. She knows it must have been a shock for Justin to hear Hannah say that, to hear about her panic attacks. Padma stood up and closed the hangings around Justin's bed. The people in the Common Room had seen enough, the show was not going to continue for them if they ran upstairs. She muttered a silencing charm. It might be excess magic, but people had to know that the show was definitely over.

Justin watched as Padma closed the hangings. He didn’t say anything as she performed her tasks.

Padma climbed into Justin's bed again. "It seems as though I've been driven out of my own bed," Padma said slowly when she lay down.

“I suppose so,” Justin replied unmoving.

"Come here," she said as she stretched our her arms to him.

Justin did what was asked, not to obey her, but because he no longer felt like sitting up.

Padma held him in her arms and kissed his forehead. She just felt safe when he was with her. She hated seeing him like this.

Justin decided that he didn’t want to think. He didn’t care what happened anymore, nor did he care about anyone. He then found Padma’s lips with his own and claimed them. He wanted to see if anything would happen. He wasn’t surprised that he felt the same emotional void.

Padma kissed him back. She felt something was missing. This was cold. There was no fire in the kiss like there had been before.

Justin continued to kiss Padma, his hands moved to her face as he deepened the kiss.

Padma knew as soon as Justin's hands went to her face that this was not as far as it would go this night, and Padma just waited to see what was coming. But she kissed Justin back all the same.

Since Justin received no resistance, he interpreted that as an invitation to continue. His hands soon left her face, one to the back of her head and the other to her body.

Why wasn't she stopping him if it he wasn't there? It was all pretty new to her and every experience in life was a learning experience. She found that she couldn't stop him, she wanted him to continue.

Justin didn’t care that he was using her. He didn’t even care that he was committing one of the seven deadly sins: lust. But right now that was the only emotion that he was consciously aware of. One of his hands slipped underneath Padma’s shirt and he began to caress her skin.

Perhaps she would feel incredibly dirty afterwards, but it wasn't worse then some of the other things she had done, or the worst she could feel. She remembered the thing with Michael, and she remembered Blaise. A small voice in her said that this was all wrong. But then another voice came, a stronger voice. But look what Blaise did to you.

Justin found himself positioned on top of Padma now. His hands were working to undo the buttons on her shirt, his mouth now sucking and nibbling on her neck.

Padma came to herself a bit and she was thinking he was doing way too much. She was tugging at his shirt. And soon she had slipped her hands under it and she explored his chest.

Once the offensive shirt was out of the way, Justin concentrated on removing the next article of clothing that was in the way. Once he succeeded in unclasping her bra, his mouth then found its way to her exposed breasts.

Padma gasped as he took one of her nipples into his mouth and nibbled on it. It made her hands grow even more restless. They started fumbling with Justin's belt. He had way too many clothes on. Especially since she was now half naked.

While Padma fumbled with his belt his free hand moved to her skirt. He hiked it up and roamed his hand over her thigh, caressing the moistness of her panties as he did so.

This felt more like her first time than her first time had really been. She hadn't been nervous back then, now she was. Maybe it was because it was Justin. Was it because she actually liked him? She finally undid his belt and continued with the button and the zipper of his pants.

Justin moved to her other nipple as he tugged at her panties. Once removed, he thrust two fingers inside of her, not caring if he was being gentle or not.

Padma let out another moan, as he slip his fingers inside her and began to move them. She removed his pants as quickly as her now trembling hands allowed her. Then she gave a tug to his boxers to remove them too.

Justin let out a moan as his throbbing member was released from confinement. Not caring about protection or anything else, he removed his fingers from her moist center and thrust his member inside of her.

She felt Justin thrust inside him. It didn't hurt at all. Padma then heard the yelling voices of Ernie and Millicent and Padma quickly grabbed her wand from the nightstand and cast the charm. It was better to use magic then deal with possible other consequences.

Justin didn’t register Padma’s actions. Pure instinct had taken over his motions. He roughly continued to thrust inside of her, his mouth once again finding her neck and sucking.

Padma began to move with Justin in the same rhythm. She let her one hand wander over his back and her other hand was caressing his chest, tugging at a nipple every once in a while.

Justin quickened his pace, thrusting as hard and as deep as possible.

Padma swung her legs around Justin's hips, to feel him even deeper in her.

Justin continued to thrust and bit down hard on her neck, drawing blood as he did so.

Padma didn't care about the blood. She didn't feel the pain, she only felt another pain, that she only liked to experience again and again.

Justin continued to thrust inside of her, speeding up his rhythm with every thrust. His breathing was growing ragged as he felt her tighten around him. He thrust a few more time as a powerful orgasm ripped through his body, sending his seed inside of her.

Padma came just before Justin and vaguely registered him coming. Once the feeling of the orgasm wore off, she felt the pain in her neck where Justin had bitten her.

Justin collapsed on top of Padma and then rolled over so his back was to her. Within moments he fell into an uneasy sleep, feeling as empty as he had in the common room.

Padma scrambled to find her robes. When she found it, she took the first handkerchief out of it and pushed it to the wound on her neck. She let it stay there for a while. when she thought that it was healed enough she got took it off the initials B.Z. stared at her from the handkerchief. This was at least the end of that she thought. She laid back down and put her arms around Justin and fell asleep almost immediately.
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