Silvia (ninotsjkawrites) wrote,

Title: Legolas and the King
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Wordcount: 444
Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Gimli, Aragorn/Arwen
Rating: R to NC-17
A/N: Inspired by Orlando Bloom's commentary to Return of the King on the extended DVD.

Legolas and the king

Legolas ran around naked through the woods. He liked the gentle breeze around his privates, although it wasn’t something he’d do back home in Mirkwood.

When he came to a clearing he just laid down with a piece of grass in his mouth. He thought about his friend Gimli. It was not very often you saw an Elf and a Dwarf being friends. They usually hated each other. He began to sing a song that said enough of his state of mind.

"I want to fuck him in the ass, in the ass, in the ass. I want to fuck him in the ass, in the ass, in the ass. Ooh yeah, ooh yeah," he sang. He sang as though his life depended on it, as though no one could hear him.

He had already gathered that Gimli had that beard of his for sexual purposes, and he found it a sport to think how Gimli could utilise his beard in other ways then as an aphrodisiac.

To Legolas Gimli’s beard was an aphrodisiac, a sign that Gimli was a very potent lover. How he longed to feel the Dwarf’s mouth over him. The Dwarf had left no stone unturned to get him all swooning over him, rubbing against him at every opportunity that arose.


But someone had overheard him singing: his friend Aragorn, the king of Gondor. When Legolas saw him he walked to him. He claimed Aragorn’s lips with his own, pushed his body to Aragorn’s and forced his tongue into Aragorn’s mouth.

How much Aragorn loved his wife Arwen, there were just a few things that she couldn’t give him, things Legolas was so kind to offer him at this very second. He knew it was wrong, but he really needed it. So his tongue battled with Legolas’s and he pulled him closer.

Quickly Aragorn’s clothes were discarded. He laid Legolas back on the grass and gained access to Legolas’s tight arse. He thrusted deep inside the Elf. He moaned and so did the Elf. There just was something that made them feel like they only wanted more of the gorgeous feelings they were feeling.


Legolas and Aragorn laid in each other’s arms on the grass. Both extremely satisfied, both knowing that it couldn’t last. Aragorn stood up first. He hadn’t planned on cheating on Arwen and certainly not with Legolas.

"I love you," he said simply to Legolas as he heaved himself on his horse. Legolas just nodded. "We have to do this again some time," he suggested.

"As you wish, my king!" Legolas answered bowing to Aragorn. His face had lighted up. It felt almost like home.
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