Silvia (ninotsjkawrites) wrote,

Title: Malfoy and Malfoy is Two!
Wordcount: 589
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Draco/Luna, Harry/Luna

Chapter two: A stolen kiss…

Fascinated as he was he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had met her before. And he liked her. He liked her with all her little quirks. But most of all he liked the colour of her hair. After all there weren’t many blonde people at Hogwarts.

Truth be told there were a few Hufflepuffs, a few Gryffindors and an odd Slytherin, but for most of them they were made unworthy of his attention simply because of the house they resided in. Ravenclaws, like Luna, could at least think for themselves, could see their own mistakes without needing others to tell them. It was something Draco valued greatly.

Okay, it was something to talk a blonde bimbo from another house in your bed. He now had much experience in that. Not only with blondes either. But still his fascination with Luna stayed, he knew she was no blonde bimbo. She was the one person he desired, but no one knew he desired. He never told anyone, he just couldn’t tell.

And now in his sixth year, her fifth she did something he had trouble understanding: she started dating Potter. It made him angry, or so he told himself. It was anger and not jealousy. How on earth could a pureblood like herself go for a stupid Gryffindor half blood like Potter when she could have him?

He told himself that it wasn’t love he was feeling towards her, it was lust. Lust was an allowable feeling, love wasn’t. ‘Love only makes us weak,’ his father always said. And yet why did he think more and more about wanting to spend the rest of his life with her?


He stood at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, looking at her strolling around the lake. She was all alone. Did he dare to let her know his feelings? It would enrage Potter if he knew and that was all the encouragement he needed.

When she came near to the Forest he ceased his chance and walked up to her.

“What is a girl like you doing out of bed so late? Off course I should report you, but there is a chance for you to let me forget that,” he smirked at her.

“What?” she answered simply.

Draco pulled Luna in a tight embrace. He let his mouth take possession of hers. He couldn’t believe his luck when she actually kissed back.

To her it was better than finding a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Harry always told her that Draco was good for nothing and evil. She never expected to be of any interest to him. She didn’t judge him either; you couldn’t blame a parent’s mistake on their children.

Draco was the one to break the kiss. He looked at her intensely as if he was daring her to tell Potter.

The next day Luna wondered what to tell Harry all through Divination. Because of this she was the last person to leave Divination. She was stopped however by Professor Trelawney. Trelawney had grabbed her by her robes and said in a deep, hoarse voice: "Truth will be revealed in death. From death springs life. The truth will be revealed in death."

Luna didn’t think it was anything special. Harry on the other hand disagreed with her and found Trelawney’s prediction very interesting. After he heard about it from Luna he set out to find Dumbledore. He was very curious about what this new Prophecy meant. He hoped that he would live to find it out.
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